Welcome to Streams Hypnotherapy.  

I’m Sarah Beckitt, principal of Streams Hypnotherapy which offers you help with any problem where emotional or psychological forces are involved.  Clinics are held at Egham Sports Centre and in Virginia Water, Surrey.

I’m also delighted to announce a new, fresh workshop designed for health professionals to learn the art of mind-body facilitation.  Find out how to:

  • master deep relaxation phenomenon
  • reduce overall pain
  • the mind-body connection
  • use hypnotherapy for acne
  • therapeutic language patterns

For more information click here or call me on 01344 842 712

You can browse around this web site to find out how the power of your mind can change your life.  Whatever your expectations Streams Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Breakthrough

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Blushing, Emotions

  • Improve

Health, Self-esteem, Motivation, Potential

  • Stop

Smoking, Nail-Biting, Over-eating, Blaming

  • Release

Phobias, Habits, Stress, Frustration

Learn About Streams or read about our range of Programs or Contact us to book an appointment, now.